Adding a Site-Map Page in LightCMS

I have not found functionality to-date in LightCMS where a site map can be printed to the main content area of a page. Most site maps that are developed for people to read (as opposed to XML maps that are designed for search spiders) simply print an unordered list to the body are of a page and then link to it within the site’s footer area.

The easiest method for accomplishing this in LightCMS that have found is to:

1) Create a new template (call it “Site-Map.html”) and template icon (call it “Site-Map.html.gif”).

2) Add the standard “main region” token to this in case you want to add a little content to the page. (If you are copying an existing template like your “Inside.html” template you might already have this tag in your file.)

<$region name="main"$><$/region$>

3) Below that token in the template code add the following global menu token:

<$globalmenu cssClass="site-map" alwaysShowChildren="true" /$>

4) Upload those to your two files to your server through FTP or the LightCMS file manager.

5) Create a page called “Site Map” in LightCMS’s content management system and assign that new template to it.