With the popularity of Open Source frameworks like content management systems, ecommerce systems, and social portal systems, I have found a good fit for my skill-set in theming and setting up these systems for clients. Because these systems are free, can be themed to exactly match a business’s brand, and now typically offer a robust set of web-editing features, many of my clients have adopted them as an economical way of getting online with a nice looking website that they can edit themselves.

Open Source systems come in almost every variety and perform a wide range of tasks and business purposes. The most popular are Open Source content management systems and ecommerce/online-store systems. I have come to find a great home in the WordPress system of content┬ámanagement┬ábecause it is commonly a perfect fit for my clients who are looking for a general business marketing (brochure-type) website. The software also includes a great set of blog features — which was were it got its true start in its market — that clients love to use to add news and event type information to their websites.

In addition to WordPress I have worked with OpenCart, OS Commerce, Drupal, and LightCMS; however, my core set of skills is around the WordPress and LightCMS systems.