Custom PHP Development

In my roughly six years as a PHP Developer I have mainly worked on custom web applications using PHP and MySQL technologies. I started into web development four years prior to that by coding HTML and CSS and found the move into PHP web development to be a pretty natural one. I have come to specialize in:

  • search-friendly & visitor-friendly content management systems (CMS)
  • search-friendly & visitor-friendly product catalogs
  • easy-to-use shopping cart & order processing systems
  • business work-flow management software applications
  • customer relationship management (CRM) software

Website Content Management & Online Commerce

My content management systems, product catalogs, and shopping cart systems are friendly to the search engines, friendly to website visitors and friendly to website business owners. I give my customers an intuitive set of tools to make changes to the content on their web pages or product pages. For them it means that by logging in to their site they can modify and organize product information and update content whenever they want. For their visitors it means that they can enjoy fresh, easy-to-find content. And for the search engines it means that they can find content that makes sense and is easy to index.

Business & Customer Relationship Management

The Internet provides an ideal means of storing and sharing information so that it can be accessed by employees, now matter where they are. For certain business types — like those with mobile service technicians — this means a powerful and cost effective set of tools that can help their businesses operate more efficiently and deepen their customer relationships.

Custom PHP Web Development

My favorite thing is developing applications that don’t fit the typical cookie-cutter type situation. I specialize in custom PHP application development using clean PHP/MySQL along with modern XHTML/CSS, JavaScript/Ajax, and Linux/Apache technologies. In plain language, that means up-to-date, cost effective, secure, and reliable technology for my customers’ businesses.