LightCMS Development

For the past several years I have been getting into more and more LightCMS development work. LightCMS, for those who don’t know, is a content management system that was developed by Element Fusion of Oklahoma City. It runs on their servers so there is no hosting required, and it is typically used by web design firms and ad agencies who need to be able resell to their clients things like ecommerce, photo galleries, blogs, and regular-old brochure websites that they can edit themselves.

LightCMS offers the ability to build a website with no “programming” (such as languages like PHP, .Net, ColdFusion, etc). All the developer needs to have is a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery (if desired). The LightCMS system does the rest allowing the website owner to manage nearly everything related to the content of their website via a simple, intuitive interface.

Most LightCMS projects come to me as Photoshop PSDs and I code them up into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and install them onto the LightCMS system. Since I don’t typically get into building out each site’s pages, my pricing for this work is based on the complexity of the project’s artwork and how many regions the client wants to be editable. Projects can be as little as $500 but typically, for a home page and inside page, will fall somewhere close to $1,000.

Each project is different, so if you are in need to a LightCMS developer, drop me a line. I’d be happy to look at your project.