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Google Plus: Benefits for SEO

I came across the following three articles this week regarding the emerging SEO benefits of establishing an active business presence in Google Plus.

They do a good job of explaining the significance of Google Plus and its corresponding relationship to Google Search Plus. Here are some of their significant points.

What is Google Search Plus?

Google Search Plus Your World** is the next evolutionary step in determining what is relevant to personalized search queries in that individuals search results are greatly influenced by their circles of friends.

** Google Search Plus: personalized results from your contacts – which may be images, shared posts, or pages that have been given a +1 by your contacts; or even pages on Google+ that you may not be connected to.

The output is search results that display/promote People and (business) Pages in Google+.

Why is Google Plus important for my website?

The most significant reason to get your business on Google+ is simple: The quality and corresponding engagement around your search engine visibility stands to either noticeably improve or gradually decline.

At the heart of this lies the new “Search Plus Your World” algorithm (also referred to as “Search+”), which relies on data collected from logged in Google+ users. The output is search results that display/promote People and (business) Pages in Google+.

Like Facebook, you’ll see updates from those you follow (Circle) in Google+. But unlike Facebook, the content in your Google+ posts may turn into highly ranked search results on Google (again, inside or outside the Google+ environment) – providing keyword and topic-relevant search engine visibility that improves based on your “AuthorRank” and content-specific engagement levels.