WordPress Development

[quotes_right]I Make WordPress Fit Your Project:

  • Create WordPress Themes from PSDs
  • Help with Plugin Selection and Theming
  • Develop Custom WordPress Applications

[/quotes_right]I specialize in receiving Photoshop files from ad agencies and developing WordPress themes from them. In nearly every case projects also involve having me develop additional WordPress programming functionality. This extra programming work generally involves creating custom features that cannot be easily found in the current array of WordPress plugins for one reason or another. In most cases a WordPress plugin does not match up to the client’s required features or a matching plugin simply does not exist at all.

For those who do not know, WordPress is a very popular and established Open Source platform that has made a solid niche for itself in the business world as a website content management platform.

Originally establishing themselves as a Blogging Platform, WordPress users quickly began to discover that the systems “pages” features could be used to build entire websites. With the “blog” features already performing the tasks of handling the company’s news and event type information, the WordPress platform quickly exploded into business communities all over the globe.

The fact that WordPress is 1) very well documented, 2) easy to setup, 3) extensively themable/brandable, 4) has vast extendability potential, all combine to make WordPress not only a great solution for business, but has allowed it to become an entire community all to itself.

For an economical business website, WordPress is an excellent all-around choice.