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Cross-browser Testing Old Versions of IE on Mac

I run a Mac and for all of my web development work and for years had used any old PC that I could get my hands on for my cross browser / cross platform testing for my HTML, CSS, and Javascript work.

I had always been under the impression that, even though I was running IE9 on Windows 7 through my VM Ware Fusion software and could just do my IE9 testing right on my Mac, that I still had to keep that old PC around for my older versions of the browser.

One day not too long ago I stumbled across a solution that I didn’t even know was available to me. ┬áMoreover, I already had it in place and didn’t even know it. Internet Explorer 9 has this functionality built right into it.

On any copy of IE9, click on the “Tools” icon in the upper-right corner of the browser and look for the selection that says: “F12 Developer Tools”.

When you click on that you will either get a split window in your browser that shows both your website view along with the resources available to you in the developer tools app; or, yours will show up in an entirely new window all to itself.

When the Developer Tools window appears, look through the main menu for the “Browser Mode” drop down menu.

There you have it. All the late-model IE testing that your little heart can handle right in one place.